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BFR Series Air Treatment Unit (FRL)

BFR Series Air treatment Unit (FRL) Admin Edit

1.0~10.0 USD
Min. Order: 500 Piece/Pieces
Trade Term: FOB
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, WU
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Means of Transport: Ocean, Air
Production Capacity: 50000
Packing: Carton Delivery Date: 10 days
Brand Name: SMT pneumatic component: pneumatic valve
air cylinder: silencer muffler: solenoid valve
pneumatic products: pneumatic cylinder

Product Description 

* Air Filter/ regulator (F. R);
* RC (PT), G (PF) or NPT thread option;
* Port size: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2";
* Easy to maintain and operate, long service life.

Port size G 1/8"1/4"1/4"3/8"1/2" 
Working Medium  0.05~0.85 Mpa
Applicable temperature  -10~60degree centigrade
Recommended Lubricarting OilISO VG32
Filter PrecisionStandard:5um
Type of ValveOverflow type

Filter Princlple


The dust particles in the air, moving with the flow as the inertial motion or irregular Brown motion or some field force, while the particle motion into other objects, objects exist (Fan Dehua force between molecules and molecular clusters, and clusters of force) the particles stick to the surface of the fiber. Enter the filter medium dust have more impact medium chance, hit the media will be stuck. The smaller dust collisions will stick to each other to form larger particles and the settlement, the concentration of particles of dust in the air of the relative stability. Indoor and wall faded because of this reason.

2 Inertia and Diffusion

Dust particles in the air as the inertial motion, when the fibers arranged disorderly, the flow is reversed, the particle because of inertia to deviate from the direction, into a fiber and be binding. Particle more impact, the better.

Small particles of dust as Brown motion without rules. Smaller particles, irregular motion of windspeed, crash barrier more opportunities, filtering effect will be better. Air particles smaller than 0.1 micrometers is mainly for the Brown movement, small particle size, good filtering effect. More than 0.3 micron particle mainly for inertial motion, the larger particles and higher efficiency. Diffusion and inertia are not obvious to most difficult to filter out particles. Measuring the performance of high efficiency filters, people often prescribed dust efficiency measurement is the most difficult to measure.

3 Electrostatic Interaction

For some reason, fibers and particles can take charge, electrostatic effect. Filter material filtering effect with static electricity, can obviously improve. Reason: electrostatic dust trajectory and make changes to hit an obstruction, electrostatic dust on the medium viscosity more.

Long-term static material also called "electret" material. Material with electrostatic resistance after unchanged, will significantly improve the filtering effect. Electrostatic does not play a decisive role in the filtration effect, only play an auxiliary role.

4 Chemical Filter

1.Chemical filters are selectively adsorb harmful gas molecules.

2.Activated carbon materials have large micropore invisible, adsorption of large area. Activated carbon grain size, pore area of 10 square meters.

3.Free molecular contact activated carbon, condensed into a liquid by capillary principle stay in micropores in the pore, and some material and as a whole. Adsorption of no obvious chemical reaction known as physical adsorption.

4.Some of the activated carbon, and the material particles adsorbed reaction, formation of solid substances or harmless gas, known as chemical adsorption. Adsorption capacity of activated carbon in the process of using material weakening, when reduced to a certain degree, the filter will scrap. If only the physical adsorption, by heating or steam fumigation can make harmful gas from activated carbon, activated carbon regeneration.


  1. The embedded type pressure gauge, save installation space (can also use external circular pressure gauge).

  2. Pressure self-locking mechanism, which can prevent the pressure from external interference and fluctuations.

  3. Balanced design with pressure regulator, pressure regulator is more stable, small amount of drift, pressure characteristics.

  4. In addition to panel mounted outside, also can choose the fixed bracket installation.

  5. A standard form, otherwise the low voltage available (the highest pressure adjustable 0.04MPA).


The information about our company:

NINGBO SMART PNEUMATIC CO LTD is specialized in manufacturing all kinds of hydro pneumatic components, aluminum parts and plastic parts. Our main products are including pneumatic cylinder, (air cylinder), solenoid valve, air filter, air regulator, air lubricator, pneumatic fitting, hydraulic fitting, tubes, muffler (silencer) etc


we will give you the best quality, the competitive price, the quick delivery, the perfect service. Our goal to customers is "Always Smart Solution for your Automatic System."

NINGBO SMART PNEUMATIC hopes to work together with you, developing in parallel!



1.We have special departments to ensure that no strict quality control any quality problem before delivery.

2.Carefully check goods size table and product specifications. Please check detail with customer service before buying 

3.Receiving or take the goods, please sign the bill after the first inspection, if have damaged items, or a few goods phenomenon, please do not sign, the first contact with the customer details and make logistics company personnel or personnel in proof of delivery after processing, or receipt of any problems after the Seller shall not be held responsible.


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