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Air Source Treamtment Unit

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1.0 USD
Min. Order: 50 Piece/Pieces
Trade Term: FOB
Payment Terms: T/T, WU
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Means of Transport: Ocean, Air
Production Capacity: 50000
Packing: Carton Delivery Date: 10 days
Brand Name: SMT pneumatic component: pneumatic valve
air cylinder: silencer muffler: solenoid valve
pneumatic products: pneumatic cylinde

air treatment

Japan SMC type gas source processor:

Pressure Regulating Valve (AR5000-10,AR5000-06,AR4000-06,AR4000-04,AR3000-03,AR3000-02,AR2000-02)

Metal Work:(AW5000-10,AW5000-06,AW4000-06,AW4000-04,AW3000-03,AW3000-02,AW2000-02)

Japan SMC type gas source processor (with automatic drainage device):


Pressure Regulating Valve:(AW5000-10D,AW5000-06D,AW4000-06D,AW4000-04D,AW3000-03D,AW3000-02D,AW2000-02D)

Metal Work:(AF5000-10D,AF5000-06D,AF4000-06D,AF4000-04D,AF3000-03D,AF3000-02D,AF2000-02D)

AirTAC the gas source processor:



Pressure Regulating Valve :(AR2000,BR2000,BR3000,BR4000)

Metal Work:(AFR2000,BFR2000,BFR3000,BFR4000)




Product Description S series air treatment 
S series air treatment, widely used in pneumatic air system. 
* 2 units air combination (F. R+L): SFC series 
* Air filter / regulator (F. R): SFR series 
* Air lubricator: SL series

System    ModelPort size
 F/R.L SFC-200 1/4Rc
 SFC-300 3/8Rc
 SFC-400 1/2Rc
 F/R SFR-200 1/4
 SFR-300 3/8
 SFR-400 1/2
 L. SL-200 1/4
 SL-300 3/8
 SL-400 1/2

1, before using the product type, specification confirmation


Pneumatic system designers and pneumatic components modeling should be based on dynamic system proposed by the performance requirements of the gas, considering the security and the fault, according to the latest product samples and data to determine the specifications of pneumatic components. When necessary, should do corresponding analysis and test. For some emerging industries or special industry, should carry out design work jointly with the manufacturer, in order to perfect.


2, pay special attention to the following conditions


  • compressed air once failure, is dangerous, assembly, so the pneumatic equipment operation and maintenance by specialized training and have some practical experience of the staff to.

  • To confirm the safety, absolutely not allowed to move equipment using gas or from the equipment to remove the pneumatic components;

  • In confirmation of the safety after the treatment, and then cut off the power and gas source, drain the remaining inside the pneumatic system of compressed air, to repair and removal;

  • Pneumatic equipment before starting, to confirm no life bar rapid extension of the phenomenon.


    3.On the use of environmental requirements two, pneumatic system

    1, the corrosion in gas, chemicals (such as organic solvent), using seawater, water and no steam environment or attached to the place, can have the condition to use, contact with the media of the seal, valve should be changed into the special material;

    2.avoid the use of explosive gas places (such as the need to use, should take measures);

    3.Don't for vibration and shock of the occasion, or various types of pneumatic components anti vibration, impact resistant ability to comply with the provisions of the product sample.

    4.Do not use around the heat source, radiation heat affected sites, or to take measures to blocking radiant heat;

    5.There is a strong direct sunlight, the place, and the protective cover. In high humidity, dust more places or with water, oil, cutting oil, coolant scattered places used to take appropriate protective measures. With magnetic cylinder do not use strong magnetic field environment.


    4.In a special temperature environment:


  • Under the environment of high temperature: please use the high temperature resistant seal;

  • Low temperature environment will occur in the loop: water freezing, adverse action and other phenomena, it should be noted at this time to remove moisture to prevent freezing.


    5.Requirements for compressed air pneumatic system


  • can not be used directly discharged by the compressed air in the air compressor, compression with certain amount of moisture in the air, oil and dust, the compressed air temperature up to 140~170 ℃, part of the water and oil have been turned into gas;

  • You must use the purified compressed air

  • The general mechanical and pneumatic loop filter viscosity of ∠ 40um;

  • A logic element, jet element, pneumatic motor, filtering accuracy of ∠ 10um;

  • Food, pharmaceutical, electronics, tobacco, air bearing filtering accuracy of ∠ 5um;

  •    Pneumatic transmission system, air source treatment unit is refers to the air filter, relief pressure valve and oil mist eliminator, some brands of electromagnetic valve and the cylinder can be achieved without lubricating oil (grease lubricating function realized by), need not use oil sprayer! Filter degree is 50-75 μ m, voltage range of 0.5-10Mpa, such as the need of filtering precision is 5-10 μ m, 10-20 μ m, 25-40 μ m, and the voltage is 0.05-0.3Mpa, component 0.05-1Mpa three big no pipe connection and called triple pieces. The big three are the majority of pneumatic source device system is an indispensable, installed in the gas equipment nearby, is finally compressed air quality guarantee. The installation sequence of the big three according to the air inlet direction respectively, air filter, relief pressure valve and oil mist. Air filter and pressure relief valve are combined together can be called the two pneumatic component. Can also be air filter and pressure relief valve assembly together, will become the filtration pressure reducing valve (function and air filter and pressure relief valve used in combination.). In some cases cannot allow compression in the oil mist in the air, you need to use the oil mist separator will be compressed air oil mist filter. In short, these elements can be selected according to need, and they can be combined for use.


    Air filter for air cleaning, filtering the compressed air in the water, avoid water enters the device with gas.


    The valve can be regulated for air, the air in the steady state, can be reduced because of gas pressure mutation when the valve or actuator hardware damage. Filter for air cleaning, filtering the compressed air in the water, to prevent water from entering the device with gas.


    Oil mist lubrication of the moving parts of lubrication, can be inconvenient for lubricating parts, greatly extending the life of the body.



    1.      We have special departments to ensure that no strict quality control any quality problem before delivery.

    2.      2.Carefully check goods size table and product specifications. Please check detail with customer service before buying .

    3.      3. Receiving or take the goods, please sign the bill after the first inspection, if have damaged items, or a few goods phenomenon, please do not sign, the first contact with the customer details and make logistics company personnel or personnel in proof of delivery after processing, or receipt of any problems after the Seller shall not be held responsible.


    The information about our company:

    NINGBO SMART PNEUMATIC CO LTD is specialized in manufacturing all kinds of hydro pneumatic components, aluminum parts and plastic parts. Our main products are including pneumatic cylinder, (air cylinder), solenoid valve, air filter, air regulator, air lubricator,pneumatic fitting, hydraulic fitting, tubes, muffler (silencer) etc


    we will give you the best quality, the competitive price, the quick delivery, the perfect service. Our goal to customers is "Always Smart Solution for your Automatic System."

    NINGBO SMART PNEUMATIC hopes to work together with you, developing in parallel!

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